A Guide to Invisalign Braces
Many people are not comfortable with their smiles.  This affects much of their everyday life.  Metal braces can help solve this problem and with children and teenagers, it is common to see them wearing such, but as adults we don't feel comfortable having metal braces especially if we have to deal with colleagues and clients daily. To get more info, visit Dee Kay Dental. You can feel soreness in your mouth with metal braces and some of the daily tasks like eating and brushing your teeth become difficult.

Metal braces are a thing of the past; today there are invisible aligners used for teeth straightening called Invisalign.  Being made from clear plastic, you can hardly see Invisalign.  Since no metal stuff will be shown on your teeth, you can give your best smile even while you are still undergoing treatment.  You can also remove your Invisalign braces whenever you want to eat or drink or brush your teeth.  It helps you maintain better oral health during your Invisalign treatment.

A series Custom-made invisible aligners will be given in order to correct the position of your teeth.  You replace your current aligners every two weeks for the next set in the series.  This will hep the teeth to gradually shift to the proper final position.  This is a slow and gradual process.  Discomfort and pain is very small during the Invisalign treatment.  You don't feel what you do with traditional braces.

The treatment of teeth straightening will be completed between 6 to 15 weeks depending how crooked your teeth is.

IF you want to have this Invisalign treatment, then visit your Invisalign dentist and inquire.  You might also want to discuss with your dentist all the possible Invisalign treatment strategies that you can avail of.  Impressions of your teeth and images of your smile will then be taken.

When computerized images in 3D are taken of you teeth, these will show what your smile will look like after the treatment.  Then your Invisalign braces will be prepared by your dentist.

The first set of Invisalign braces will be worn for 2 weeks, approximately.  After that they will exchanged for the following set of aligners in the sequence. View here for more info. Your dentist would want to check on how your teeth is slowly getting in its proper position so it is important that you visit your dentist every 4 to 6 weeks.  After the treatment, your teeth will be straightened and you can smile confidently.

There are many issues that Invisalign braces can correct.  Some of these issues are crossbites, underbites, overbites, overcrowding, and teeth that are widely spaced.  During the Invisalign treatment, the position of your teeth is improved and you will find other dental health issues such as gum disease and tooth erosion alleviated.  Combined with teeth whitening, discoloration can be addressed. Learn more from

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